CD Receiver with Front USB/AUX Input
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Mechless Digital Media Receiver
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CD Receiver with Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and Front USB/AUX Input
JVC KW-R930BT- CD Receiver with Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and Front USB/AUX Input

GPS Tracker Personal Vehicle

Advanced tracking unit with superior tracking and monitoring.
Sales price: $399.00
Sales price: $399.00


AVS GPS Tracker Personal Vehicle

AVS Tracking is a great security tool in itself it works even better when installed with an AVS Alarm. Then you'll receive an alert to your phone if the alarm is triggered which also shows the vehicle's address.  You can simply log on to AVS Tracking and monitor what is happening with your vehicle.

AVS GPS Tracking offers an affordable, effective and easy to use GPS security solution.


GPS Tracking can play a vital role in helping keep your car safe and in fact some insurance companies are now asking for tracking as part of the requirments for insurance on high risk vehicles.  Chooseing an AVS trackers gives you the advantage of a security and GPS system that works together to help secure your car 24 hours a day.

  • Know the reak time location and status of your vehicle 24/7
  • If the vehicle is moving see what direction it is heading in and how fast
  • Receive an alart to your phone if your AVS alarm is triggered which also shows the vehicle's address
  • Some other brand alarms will also be compatible with the text alert feature
  • Set up a geo-fence and receive an alert if the vehicle moves outside the boundary
  • Optional engine immobilisation via text allows you to safely immobilise the vehicle once it reaches a very low speed


AVS GPS Tracking can also be used for monitoring.  This can be anything from keeping an eye on how your car is being driven by others throught it monitoring the run for a performance car or classic car's track day or rally.

  • See the live locaiton of the vehilce on a map plus use Google street view for more information
  • Replay trip history on the map including stop points and time spent at each stop
  • Receive an alert to your phone if the vehicle goes over speed
  • Setup a geo-fence and be alerted if the vehicle moves in or out of the area
  • Monitor any number of inputs including crash warning, igition on and over speed.


    * Pricing excludes installation

  ** Some cars require extra part and installation charges not all features maybe available on all vehicles.
       Test notifictions included under a fair use policy.

*** Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


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