Powerful and compact 415 Watt mono amplifier with built-in variable cross-over
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CD Receiver with Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and Front USB/AUX Input
n Car Video Recorder ensures that your journey on the road is captured in full high definition.
In Car USB Front AUX PANDORA CD Player
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GPS Tracker Trade

Complete Alarm & GPS Tracking Solution
Sales price: $629.00
Sales price: $629.00


AVS Complete Alarm & GPS Tracking Solution

This is the complete security solution with an insurance approved AVS alarm, a top-end movement sensor to protect the rear of your vehicle and full real time GPS tracking. Plus receive an alert if your alarm is triggered so you can respond straight away to an alarm event.



  • Four Star AS/NZ certified, insurance approved AVS A4 car alarm
  • 2 x waterproof AVS remotes or use your car’s remote for alarm control
  • Dual automatic immobilisation to prevent easy hotwiring of the vehicle
  • Quad band PIR movement sensor for the rear of the vehicle - this is the best way to protect the large space at the back of a van or truck - plus being quad band it can cope with the heat changes inside the vehicle (unlike a standard PIR sensor)
  • Data battery back-up siren
  • Full real time GPS tracking with live view of one or multiple vehicles all on one map from any internet connected device
  • Easy to use reporting to help with time on site, mileage and more
  • Includes alarm trigger alert notification


Or if you already have an alarm, or you’re not wanting to fit one, we also have a great deal to get you into GPS tracking only. GPS Tracking is not only a great security tool it also helps with productively managing your business.

  • Full real time GPS tracking
  • Live view one or multiple vehicles all on one map
  • View from any internet connected device
  • Easy to use reporting to help with time on site, mileage and more
  • Includes alarm trigger alert notification if you already have an alarm (as long as the alarm has the necessary output)


You can’t manage what you can’t see. And that’s where AVS GPS Tracking can help. It lets you keep an eye on your vehicle/s and will without a doubt improve business efficiency and productivity.

AVS provides the latest GPS technology combined with a user friendly web based interface for tracking and monitoring single or multiple vehicles. It is designed to meet the requirements of the average kiwi business owner in an affordable and effective format.

There is no software to install, simply log in to view the vehicle or multiple vehicles on a single map. Live tracking, replaying history or downloading reports are all managed from the main screen. The system is easy to use and functional. If viewed from a portable mobile device (like an iphone or tablet) the system automatically adapts.

AVS GPS Tracking is an affordable, straight forward and effective GPS tracking solution.

Why use AVS GPS Tracking:

• Web based system that can be accessed from any web connected device including computer, tablet or smart phone
• Live view single or multiple vehicles on a single map
• Great for a single vehicle to a fleet of any number
• Know where an vehicle is, where it has been, for how long plus downloads reports to show this info
• Live tracking, replaying history and downloading reports are all managed from the main screen
• User friendly and useful reports including time on site, mileage and ignition on/engine run time
• Suitable for any vehicle from 12 – 36 volts
• Monitor and control inputs and outputs with alerts to phone, email or text
• Regular system updates and upgrades are handled remotely and free of charge
• Monthly service fee only $22 +GST with NO contract term when purchased outright
• Supported in New Zealand with nationwide installation

AVS GPS Tracking can quickly help you improve efficiencies across your business as well as save time and money. Some of the key benefits reported by contractor customers include:

• Reduce vehicle operating costs and improve productivity - proactive route managment can drop fuel consumption, increase the number of customers visited in a day and monitor after hours use of company vehicles
• Maximise the productivity and accountability of staff through improved processes including easy management of time sheets and activity and automation of manual processes such as vehicle log keeping
• Improved and automated reporting and billing process can greatly improve the bottom line such as verification of time spent on-site and improved resolution of customer queries
• Improving the security of your vehicles gives you peace of mind about what is happening in your business on a day to day basis and allows you to respond quickly to events - including monitoring over speed and alarm or panic trigger


    *  Pricing excludes installation

  **  Some cars require extra part and installation charges not all features maybe available on all vehicles.
        Text notifictions included under a fair use policy.

***  Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


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