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AVS C3 Alarm System

The AVS C3 digital car alarm communicates with your vehicle’s CAN-Bus platform for seamless integration into the factory system.
Sales price: $239.00
Sales price: $239.00


AVS C3 Alarm System

Most modern vehicles have a CAN-Bus operating system to allow the many electrical components in the car to efficiently share data. It does however make installation of a standard after market alarm difficult and time consuming.

Our AVS C-Series range of digital CAN-Bus alarms offers seamless integration into your car’s factory system. Packed full of features with CAN control of many factory features (like window roll up) they are a great option for CAN-Bus equipped vehicles. And it's all controlled by your car's factory remote.

The AVS C3 car alarm communicates with your vehicle’s CAN-Bus platform for seamless integration into car’s factory system.

This car alarm offers an affordable security system for any CAN-Bus vehicle as it will trigger the alarm if the doors, bonnet or boot is opened. The AVS C3 alarm is designed to be operated from your car’s factory remote.




Control the alarm with your factory remote

Simply hop out of the car and lock your vehicle as usual – the alarm will automatically arm from your factory remote. Disarm and boot release (if available) also work as usual (the alarm will disarm if the boot release button is pushed).

Or add a rolling code AVS remote

You also have the option to operate the alarm from a separate AVS CAN remote on selected vehicles*. This can be a much more cost effective option than purchasing an additional factory remote or as a replacement if you have lost or broken your existing remotes.

Intrusion Alerts

Door, bonnet and boot protection

A good standard alarm installation will include protection for the doors, bonnet and boot. If any of these are opened while the alarm is armed the alarm will trigger.

In a CAN-Bus equipped vehicle normally the doors and boot will trigger the alarm utilising the factory sensors. We recommend also requesting the installation of a bonnet trigger* if the car does not have this as standard.

Standard siren

The siren will sound for 30 seconds if any of above intrusions are detected.

Other Features

  • Optional rolling code AVS CAN remote*
  • CAN control of factory features like window roll up for total closure*
  • Blue LED warning light
  • Three year warranty
  • EU certified

* Feature may be vehicle dependent and/or additional charges will apply

More Information

Want to know if the AVS CAN-Bus translator is compatible with your vehicle? Download our AVS CAN-Bus compatible cars list.

Alternatively AVS also has the AVS CAN-Bus translator which allows the insurance level AVS S-Series and AVS A-Series car alarm ranges to be safely and easily fitted to CAN-Bus vehicles (as well as GPS tracking and more). Learn more about the AVS CAN-Bus translator here.

What is CAN-Bus? Learn more from our Understanding CAN-Bus page.


    * Pricing excludes installation

  ** Some cars require extra parts and installation charges not all features maybe available on all vehicles.
       Text notifictions included under a fair use policy.

*** Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


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