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AVS 24V S5 Alarm System

A Five Star alarm engineered to the highest specifications, the AVS S5 is the ultimate in car security.
Sales price: $499.00
Sales price: $499.00


AVS 24V S5 Alarm System

It can be hard to find after market security accessories for 24 volt vehicles. AVS has the answer with our AS/NZ Standards Certified 24 volt alarm range.

This premium range includes such things as triple immobilisation, turbo timer integration and intelligent sensors that can adjust to the environment, plus all models come with our 3-year product warranty.

You can now enjoy all the benefits of a quality alarm system on your 24 volt vehicle.

The AVS 24 volt S5 car alarm offers premium certified insurance for your 24 volt vehicle.

With advanced intrusion detection from an intelligent glass break sensor and dual stage shock sensor the cabin of the vehicle is well protected.

The AVS S5 alarm also includes seamless turbo timer integration, triple immobilisation and many optional programming options to personalise the system to suit you.



AVS torch-remotes         AVS-24v-s5-v2-480x371

Two torch AVS rolling code remotes

The 24 volt S-Series alarms come with two rolling code remotes with a handy built-in LED torch. Use them to arm/disarm your alarm and lock/unlock the doors.

Central locking

The alarm can lock/unlock the doors when the alarm is armed/disarmed for easy keyless entry. AVS also supplies 24 volt door motors and relays if your vehicle requires additional parts for keyless central locking.

Turbo timer integration

Enjoy seamless integration with turbo vehicles. The alarm can be armed while the car runs on a timer. If the alarm is triggered the car shuts down and the alarm sounds. There are two options:

  1. AVS turbo timer – the most secure option is to use the alarm’s in-built turbo timer. Choose a run time of 1, 2 or 4 minutes. The timer can also be shut down via the AVS remote.
  2. Turbo timer interface – link the alarm up with an external turbo timer allowing the alarm to be armed while the car runs on the timer.



The AVS S5 alarm includes three immobiliser circuits. For maximum security fuel pump, ignition system and starter motor immobiliser cuts are made so the car cannot be started unless it is disarmed via the remote. The system will immobilise 40 seconds after the ignition is turned off or when the alarm is armed.

Note: it is not possible to install all three immobiliser circuits on diesel vehicles.

Intrusion Alerts

Intelligent glass break sensor

The glass break sensor helps protect the cabin of the car be detecting the sound frequency of breaking glass. It will only trigger the alarm if the shock sensor also picks up an impact. This reduces false alarms.

Intelligent dual stage shock sensor

The shock sensor helps protect the body and cabin of the car by giving a warning on a light impact and a full alarm on a heavy impact to the vehicle.

This clever sensor can distinguish between environmental shocks such as trucks or aircraft and a thief attempting to break in as well as auto adjust its sensitivity for the environment on arming to help prevent false triggers.

Door, bonnet and boot protection

A good standard alarm installation will include protection for the doors, bonnet or boot. If any of these are opened while the alarm is armed the alarm will trigger.

If you choose a budget installation please check with your installer that these important features are included (the bonnet is an important inclusion because many thieves will initially pop the bonnet to see if the alarm triggers and / or to cut the siren wires).

Data battery back-up siren

This self powered siren communicates independently with the alarm so it cannot be fooled into turning off like normal battery back-up sirens. The siren will sound for 30 seconds if any of above intrusions are detected.


Other Features

  • Red LED warning light
  • Three year product warranty
  • Various programmable options
  • Certified to AS/NZS 3749.1.2003 Class A (Five Star car alarm)
  • 24 volt PIR sensor available as an optional upgrade to protect the rear of vans and trucks


    * Pricing excludes installation

  ** Some cars require extra part and installation charges not all features maybe available on all vehicles.
       Text notifictions included under a fair use policy.

*** Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


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