Power amplifier kit
The road can also be an unpredictable place where incidents can happen at any time.
Portable Bluetooth® handsfree system that can be clipped to your car's sun visor
Mono amplifier with a compact footprint for ease of installation into a larger variety of vehicles

AVS Air Pressure Sensor

Detects a sudden change in pressure


AVS Pressure Sensor

The AVS air pressure sensor detects a sudden change in air pressure from inside the car to the outside environment caused by fast intrusions such as a door being forced opened or a car window broken.

It’s a great car alarm sensor option for protecting the cabin of performance or classic cars which often have no door switches.

This sensor can be added as an optional upgrade to any 12 volt AVS car alarm.


  * Pricing excludes installation

** Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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