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Mongoose GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
Sales price: $299.00
Sales price: $299.00




GPS Tracker


When you are looking for a vehicle GPS tracker that does what you want at a realistic price - look no further.

The Mongoose VT900 has to be the best value, feature packed GPS tracker available.

3G Quad Band - For use in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide.

Just a glance through it's array of features shows it can do almost everything most users want or need.

Includes Free Mobile App - Free Website - Free Access



Where is it now  ?

Open the APP and click "Real time". The map shows where your vehicle is located. 

Where was it  ?

History shows the route driven. Select 'play' and the screen shows the route taken.
Select any day - last 6 months history always maintained.
Got more than one vehicle ?
You logon with your own chosen username and password. 
See all your vehicles at the same time.
Select individual vehicles to see more details.

Any other costs ?
Yes, but they are minimal
GPS trackers require a mobile SIM card inserted so that they can communicate with your mobile phone and the website.

Sometimes the cost can be zero depending on your contracts with your mobile provider.
Otherwise a PrePay can be the least expensive but discuss options with your mobile provider.


Installation costs can vary according to vehicle type and whether the engine immobiliser option is fitted. 

Installation $450.00 incl gst (Hawkes Bay Area Only) + 3G Sim Card



  • Mongoose Mobile APP - FREE to download and use
  • History recording website - FREE to use - no download required
  • 3G Quad Band - all 3G worldwide mobile frequencies
  • Uses low cost data for location reporting
  • Uses text for warning alerts to your phone and tracker set-up
  • 'Account' logon for multiple tracker users - see all trackers on one screen
  • Live track your vehicle(s) on your smart phone, tablet or PC
  • History playback (continuous 6 months)
  • Print/save travel reports from the website
  • 2~3 hour battery back-up
  • Uses LBS (cell sites) for approximate location when no GPS available (an aid to Search & Rescue)
  • Maximum of 3 authorised 'users'
  • Time adjustable for daylight saving
  • Engine immobiliser - optional fitment (should be starter motor only - see cautionary note below)
  • Geo-fence - sets permitted travel area - multiples can be set
  • Arm/Disarm function for alerts
  • ALERTS FOR: Ignition - Shock - Geo-fence in/out - Speed - Move - Low power - Power disconnect -                             (and car alarm sounding if connected)
  • Small size: 70x40x22mm - 50g
  • Water resistant to IPX-6
  • 12v~75v DC
  • Uses a 3G GSM/WCDMA SIM card 
  • Easy installation - only 3 wires + immobiliser option
  • 2 year product warranty


Mongoose only recommends immobilisation of the engine starter as this is safest method.
The stopping of an engine via the ignition or fuel pump whilst being driven may have dangerous consequences.

The mobile APP is designed for smart mobile phones & tablets.
APP is not compatible with Windows mobile devices.
APP and website are operated by a 3rd party and are provided free for purchasers of Mongoose GPS trackers.
At times the APP and website may be offline due to upgrades, maintenance and back-ups. This is for your protection and improvement in product performance and reliability.

Tracker requires 3G GSM SIM with voice, text & data ability. (Do not use a 4G data only SIM)


** Due to continue product improvements, specifications and design are subject to change without notice


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