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Rental Audio Hire


Our professional sound systems guarantee your audience will hear the speaker's voice, audio files, and music at your event. It is very important to apply the right gear for the environment. Professional sound at any event requires specialist knowledge and superior equipment. BigNoise Audio can offer you both the latest technology in regards to sound engineering, and highly skilled engineers


Front of House Line Array

VRX932LA is designed and built according to the same high standards as VerTec.

(a linear system used to amplify very large venues) and uses the same advanced transducers, which have been tested at concerts. The VRX932LAhas incredible sound clarity, versatility, power and excellent sound.
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Stage Monitors we use are SRX 712M monitors. 

The company JBL, who have given us the SRX 712M monitors, have achieved their objective: to create the smallest, lightest, loudest speakers that have the best sound quality. The JBL SRX 712M are versatile and easy to install, do not occupy much space and can be used for the sound system in smaller conference rooms.
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Conference Audio

We offer smaller sound systems for conferences. For example, the JBL EON 15 or the above mentioned JBL SRX series. The EON15 pumps 300W of power to a 15" Neodymium Differential Drive driver. This speaker boasts a neodymium magnet and a dual voice coil motor that provides high acoustic power whilst at the same time being lightweight. The tweeter, in turn, provides 100W of power to the pressure transducer with a titanium diaphragm compression driver with ferrofluid cooling.

We have professional sound systems of varying power output. Depending on the customer's requirements, we adjust our equipment to the needs of the venue. We provide sound systems for all types of events: lectures, conferences, concerts, and shows. We also have all the necessary peripherals when providing a comprehensive service of stage events, such as microphones, speakers, splitters, compressors, amplifiers and sound processors.

Sound Craft si-expression



We use a wide range of mixer mainly from the Soundcraft Line up By Harman

Each event is different. Whether it is a conference or concert, each one differs from the other by the amount of equipment used on stage. It is therefore highly important to select the right mixer which will be able to handle all of the sound sources. BigNoise Audio has analogue and digital mixers, and we only use reputable brands. Our range includes the Soundcraft and allan heath. Depending on the type of event and its difficulty, we will select the right mixer for you.


QSC PL 380 Amps


We have a wide range of peripherals from equalizers, compressors, audio processors and a wide range of amplifiers.

We use the power light QSC power amplifiers. The QSC Power PL 380 amplifier is a new series of amplifiers, The amplifiers are designed to the highest quality workmanship and reliability. They have a modern, lightweight power supply which boasts very high output.
Peripherals are always needed at all types of events so that you can get quality sound. These include equalizers, compressors, and audio processors. We use dbx compressors, limiters & gates, TC D2 delay & Yamaha SPX & Rev effects units. Music at an event will be played from professional CD players and / or Mini Disc players. Because we can burn all types of audio formats, we can record the whole event for you in MP3 or CD Audio
Shure Mics



We have a wide range of microphones from Wireless to hand held mics the options are endless.

You need the right kind of microphones for any conference or concert. We use wireless and wired microphones from quality companies, such as Sennheiser, Shure and Audiotechnica. Wireless microphones (hand-held, clip-on and headset), Shure ULXP (handheld, clip-on and headset), Shure SLX4 (BETA 58). Wired Microphones Sennheiser, Shure SM series, BETA, KSM and Audiotechnica 
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