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Feeling Cold ??


Low Emisity Window Films SolarGard Low Emisity (Low E) window film can reduce your energy consumption during both winter and summer providing year round energy and cost savings. SolarGard (Low E) window film provides a new retrofit option that gives standard glass the performance of insulated glass, at a cost savings of up to 80% […]

Solar Gard Protection

New England Journal of medicine 69 year old truck driver for 28 years

     To anyone who’s ever questioned the powerof Solar Gard protection, there isn’t a moregraphic example than this image of thetruck driver from Chicago whose face was astaggering 20 years older on one side thanthe other. Related articlesBill McElligott had been driving his milkdelivery truck for 28 years, without sunprotection. And closed windows or not(UVA, […]