Solar Gard® Window Films: The Professional’s Choice

For over 30 years, Solar Gard has been one of the most popular window film lines for professional installers throughout the world.

Manufacturered by Solar Gard in San Diego, Solar Gard is sold in more than 70 countries. Solar Gard window films are installed on several thousand homes, buildings and millions of vehicles every year.

Not only do Solar Films keep your car, homes, and offices looking and feeling great....but did you know that they also have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF ) of 285+.

We have a wide range of solar films including:

  • Architectual Solar Films
  • Automotive Films
  • Safety Films - Including 'Graffitigard'
  • Decorative Films

For more information visit the official Solgard website.

Below are some of the benefits of having Solar Film installed...

Heat Reduction

Solar Films reduce incoming heat by up to 80%. This makes your environment more comfortable in your home or office while still being able to enjoy the view. Hot spots are significantly improved and the cost of cooling your home and office can be greatly reduced. Window Energy Solutions can help you find a solar film to suit your specific requirements that will complement your building’s interior and exterior.

Glare Reduction

Solar Films reduce glare by up to 90%. If glare is a problem in your home or office there are a range of solar films which can reduce the glare on computer screens, TV’s and projector screens without having to close the blinds.

Fade Reduction

Reduce fading of furnishings by blocking 99% of ultraviolet light. Solar films offer protection from the damage caused by ultraviolet light to your expensive floor coverings and furnishings.